Get More by Optimizing your Internet Bandwidth

PageSpeed Box automatically applies chosen filters to pages and associated assets, such as stylesheets, JavaScript and HTML files, as well as to images and website cache requirements. PageSpeed Box showed the most significant impact on decreasing webpage loading times, payload size and number of requests when compared to other options in the industry.
PageSpeed Box is a software appliance that is designed to be installed on your own hardware appliance or virtual system within few minutes. It's an hassle free solution under Linux containing an already pre-installed/configured 64 bits Linux OS, a Proxy server and Unveil Technology unique optimization Engines. Configuration and management of your PageSpeed Box are easily done with a built-in Graphical Web Console.
With PageSpeed Box, you can easily increase your transferred data volume thus saving significant amount of money. Installed in your network, PageSpeed Box will optimize web contents like images (ico, gif, jpeg, jpg, png and webp) and HTTP objects (html, javascript, css, m3u8, text, xml, ...).
PageSpeed Box is an add-on product of VideoCacheBox.
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Main Features
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Users
  • Software appliance to install on your own hardware or virtual appliance
  • Very simple and easy-to-use via a graphical Web Console
  • Realtime graphes to understand your network usage with no effort
  • Image optimization: stripping meta-data, dynamic resizing and recompression
  • CSS & JavaScript minification, concatenation, inlining and outlining
  • Small resource inlining
  • Deferring images and JavaScript loading
  • HTML rewriting
  • Cache lifetime extension
  • and more...
  • CPU: Intel i3 minimal
  • Memory 1 GB minimal
  • Disk: 2 TB minimal
  • VideoCacheBox already installed in your network
Optimization Filters Description
Add Head Adds a "head" element to the document if not already present.
Canonicalize Javascript Libraries Redirects JavaScript libraries to a JavaScript hosting service.
Collapse Whitespace Removes excess whitespace in HTML files (avoiding tags "pre", "script", "style" and "textarea").
Combine Css Combines multiple CSS elements into one.
Combine Javascript Combines multiple script elements into one.
Convert Gif To Png Optimizes gifs to pngs.
Convert Jpeg To Progressive Converts larger jpegs to progressive format.
Convert Jpeg To Webp Producess lossy webp rather than jpeg images for browsers that support webp.
Convert Meta Tags Adds a response header for each meta tag with an http-equiv attribute.
Convert Png To Jpeg Converts gif and png images into jpegs if they appear to be less sensitive to compression artifacts and lack alpha transparency.
Convert To Webp Lossless Replaces png and non-animated gif images with webp images on browsers that support the format.
Dedup Inlined Images Replaces repeated inlined images with JavaScript that loads the image from the first occurence of the image.
Extend Cache Extends cache lifetime of CSS, JS, and image resources that have not otherwise been optimized, by signing URLs with a content hash.
Extend Cache Css Extends cache lifetime of otherwise unoptimized CSS resources by signing URLs with a content hash.
Extend Cache Images Extends cache lifetime of otherwise unoptimized images by signing URLs with a content hash.
Extend Cache Scripts Extends cache lifetime of otherwise unoptimized scripts by signing URLs with a content hash.
Fallback Rewrite Css Urls Rewrites resources referenced in any CSS file that cannot otherwise be parsed and minified.
Flatten Css Imports Inline CSS by flattening all @import rules.
Inline Css Inlines small CSS files into the HTML document.
Inline Google Font Css Inlines small CSS files used by into the HTML document.
Inline Images Replaces small images by data: urls.
Inline Import To Link Inlines "style" tags comprising only CSS @imports by converting them to equivalent "link" tags.
Inline Javascript Inlines small JS files into the HTML document.
Inline Preview Images Uses inlined low-quality images as placeholders which will be replaced with original images once the web page is loaded.
Insert Dns Prefetch Inserts link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//" tags to reduce DNS resolution time.
Jpeg Sampling Reduces the color sampling of jpeg images to 4:2:0.
Lazyload Images Loads images when they become visible in the client viewport.
Make Google Analytics Async Convert synchronous use of Google Analytics API to asynchronous
Make Show Ads Async Convert synchronous use of Google AdSense API to asynchronous
Recompress Images Recompresses images, removing excess metadata and transforming gifs into pngs.
Recompress Jpeg Recompresses jpegs, removing excess metadata.
Recompress Png Recompresses pngs, removing excess metadata.
Recompress Webp Recompresses webps, removing excess metadata.
Remove Comments Removes comments in HTML files (but not in inline JavaScript or CSS).
Remove Quotes Removes quotes around HTML attributes that are not lexically required.
Resize Images Resizes images when the corresponding "img" tag specifies a smaller width and height.
Resize Mobile Images Works just like Inline Preview Images, but uses smaller placeholder images and only serves them to mobile browsers.
Resize Rendered Image Dimensions Resizes an image when the rendered dimensions of the image are smaller than the actual image.
Rewrite Css Rewrites CSS files to remove excess whitespace and comments, and, if enabled, rewrite or cache-extend images referenced in CSS files.
Rewrite Images Optimizes images, re-encoding them, removing excess pixels, and inlining small images.
Rewrite Javascript Rewrites JavaScript files to remove excess whitespace and comments.
Rewrite Javascript External Rewrites JavaScript external files to remove excess whitespace and comments.
Rewrite Javascript Inline Rewrites inline JavaScript blocks to remove excess whitespace and comments.
Rewrite Style Attributes With Url Rewrite the CSS in style attributes if it contains the text "url(" by applying the configured Rewrite Css filter to it
Strip Image Color Profile Strips color profile info from images.
Strip Image Meta Data Strips EXIF meta data from images.
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